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Apocalypse Tales' Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Apocalypse Tales' LiveJournal:

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
3:09 pm
Auto-posting on connect
I've been meaning to keep a log, and send it on to you all if and when I get a connection, but I've not really been in the mind to. I feel shattered. I've been running on adrenalin for so long. I can feel my body's been canabalising itself for energy.

I've been to France, sort-of. I was sort of there, and it was sort of France. Heh. I'm not exactly sure of my current location, but from the way the wind's howling outside I'm pretty sure I'm in the North Sea. I'm on an oil-rig, or rather what's left of one. There's some stumps sticking out of the water nearby, so it was probably one of those multi-rig complexes. It's pretty bashed up. What wasn't smashed away by the tidal wave is all bent sideways like God blew on it. I'm lucky to be here though.

When the building next to my "Den" lit up, I bolted down to get as many supplys out as I could. Tinned food, batteries, fuel. I got a few cases into my boat before something smacked into the side of it and riquocette'd off against my side. It cut a nasty little gash in me too.
My "boat", by the way, was a old tanker back. Best guess the tsunami smashed it against a building and tore a chunk out of the top of it. I pried the trailer off it, and got the water out. It floats nice, and the spine it was mounted to the trailer with makes an okay keel. No power, but running a cable out I could pull it across. Good displacement so it could take a fair bit of weight. I put a tarp over the broken end to stop the rain getting in and flooding it. Someone must have spotted that, because the group of Townies torched that building to get me out in the open I'm sure.
Those little feral gangs of teenagers with mouths bigger than their brains.. it's like Lord of the Flies (I think, never read the book or watched the film). These ones obviously got themselves tooled up well from a sporting store. I hate arrows possibly more than guns. They're silent and disturbingly pointy.

I should try and make one.
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Sunday, July 1st, 2007
10:31 pm
One month A.I.
It's been a month since the meteors hit.

In that time, the five of us - Happy Bob, Dana, Phil, Chris and I - have pretty much done the impossible: we've survived. We're not particularly comfortable (who would be, when you've got winter weather in the middle of summer?), but we've managed it. Right now we're holed up in an abandoned Connecticut motel. Nobody around, but - miracle of miracles - it has power! And heat! And a working Internet connection!

I figured I'd better leave a message for sci, just in case he has a chance to get back online. (Doubtful, but you never know.)
Friday, June 15th, 2007
5:10 pm
The Other End
I just heard from Sci. He's been offline for a while. Now I know why.

It was that meteor storm a few days back. I'm lucky - I live in a clear area. So do my buddies. But others . . . . they weren't so lucky.

It's started snowing here. Snow in June - you'd think that's some kind of joke, yeah? Well, the joke's on us - those meteors kicked up a hell of a lot of dust and water vapor. Clouds have been forming around the world - mostly it's just overcast, but some places there have been torrential downpours, tornadoes, hurricanes, you name it.

The shortwave band was full of chatter after the first strikes, but it started dropping off as the meteors kept hitting. There's been dead air on most bands for about a week now. There are a few die-hards: I've picked up a couple numbers stations, and a handful of hams, but CRI is gone. So's Radio Marti, WBCQ, the German shortwave stations . . . almost everything on shortwave is gone.

8:56 pm
Shoemaker Earth
Three weeks ago, a Shoemaker Levy-style string-of-pearls asteroid impact occured. Meteors hit down in France, the North Sea, the Arctic Circle, near the pole and possibly elsewhere as well. A very high percentage of the European population has been wiped out, especially in France, the UK and anywhere within 200miles of the North Sea. It's been raining since. But when the clouds cool, global winter will be here for years.
Written blog-post style.

I never expected to survive this sort of thing. Hoped, sure. But the dregs of my old lacking self-confidence allways used to spin up with the dramatic death scenarios. Died trying. A lot of people have died trying.

Right now I'm sitting on top of a tower block near the city center. Half of it's fallen away, but somewhere down there there's an armoured corperate server room, running along fine on batteries, or generators or something. And I'm up here with a cluster of USB pen-drives, a stolen laptop..

..no, a salvaged laptop. Noone's going to come claim it.

.. a new laptop, a backpack full of my paranoid survival things, and my little cheapo tent, tucked away under a tarpaulin. And I'm stealing wifi.

I guess I've gotten so into the habit of blogging to LJ, letting people share my thoughts, getting help and feedback and all this.. I'm alone here, and this is the only way I have to express it. I've beaten my bare chest and screamed to the sky, blinded by soot-filled rain, and it's just another scream echoing down desserted streets.
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8:47 pm
Welcome to the End of the World
In the days after the Zombie Blog Apocalypse, there was a sense of emptiness. Both of skull and of heart. For a breif momment, people had dared to write their own fiction where they had not before. And in the uniquely fufilling way that is writing about the world falling apart around your ears.

This group has been created to keep this spirit alive. Tag your posts with the scenario of your choice, and blog or write about it here. The unique tags will stop your posts from getting mixed up with those of other people, writing out other scenarios.

If you want to collaborate, or write in someone elses story-world or very specific scenario, then ask the originator in advance. If they agree, then tag your posts with the same tag as them. Or if collaborating with their character directly, then reply to the specific post in question. The latter will be enforced if engaging in simple para-RP (taking turns at writing descriptive paragraphs.

If your posts are going to be long ones, then please use an LJ-cut to save peoples watch lists.

Distopian, post-apocalyptic, disaster stories and more, are all very powerfull themes, that aren't as often explored in modern happy-ending culture. There's a perverse thrill in letting yor imagination go and dreaming up what would happen if and when everything just.. fell apart.
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