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apocalypsetales's Journal

Apocalypse Tales
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In the wake of the flurry of one-off short stories stemming from "Blog Like It's The End Of The World", this group has been created to house the continued creation of free-form apocalyptic fiction. No themes, no guidance, just writing.

So that stories don't get mixed up with each other, please think up a unique name for your scenario and use that as an LJ tag in all your posts for it. This will allow you and others to backtrack storylines, as well as allow others to join in on your story universe.

With that in mind though, please ask permission from the specific concept creator before joining their storyworld, even if your characters will never meet.
Of course, more than one person is allowed to run similar concepts at the same time, but they must be tagged differently.

Anyone making story posts made without tags will be warned. If they do not ammend the post with a tag, the post will be deleted.
It's the end of the world. You gotta be brutal about these things.