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Shoemaker Earth

Three weeks ago, a Shoemaker Levy-style string-of-pearls asteroid impact occured. Meteors hit down in France, the North Sea, the Arctic Circle, near the pole and possibly elsewhere as well. A very high percentage of the European population has been wiped out, especially in France, the UK and anywhere within 200miles of the North Sea. It's been raining since. But when the clouds cool, global winter will be here for years.
Written blog-post style.

I never expected to survive this sort of thing. Hoped, sure. But the dregs of my old lacking self-confidence allways used to spin up with the dramatic death scenarios. Died trying. A lot of people have died trying.

Right now I'm sitting on top of a tower block near the city center. Half of it's fallen away, but somewhere down there there's an armoured corperate server room, running along fine on batteries, or generators or something. And I'm up here with a cluster of USB pen-drives, a stolen laptop.., a salvaged laptop. Noone's going to come claim it.

.. a new laptop, a backpack full of my paranoid survival things, and my little cheapo tent, tucked away under a tarpaulin. And I'm stealing wifi.

I guess I've gotten so into the habit of blogging to LJ, letting people share my thoughts, getting help and feedback and all this.. I'm alone here, and this is the only way I have to express it. I've beaten my bare chest and screamed to the sky, blinded by soot-filled rain, and it's just another scream echoing down desserted streets.

Needless to say, my email's down. So's my hosting, but europe got hit hard. So, not suprised. That LJ is still up surprises me. Guess those transatlantic lines must be burried deep.

Best I can figure, the meteors hit down somewhere in France, the North Sea, arctic circle and near the pole itself. I've only got this second-hand. What I picked up from people I met on the run who saw the news as it was coming in. I hate to think how much dust and atomised ice is up in the atsmosphere now. Since we only got hit by major earthquakes and tsunami instead of a mile-high tidal wave of earth itself, I think the meteors must have been pretty small. But it's enough. We're going to see a few years of winter once it stop raining. It's been raining for three weeks now.

I can't find anyone I knew. Where I've managed to get to, most of the time I can't even find their houses, or anything left of them. God knows how far they've been swept. Just my grandfather.


I hope catkin is okay. She lives out on the other side of the country. With luck the tsunami lost it's power before it got there. I'm going to try and head that way, once I get enough supplys. The disease from the rotting bodies is killing off the survivors. The survivors are killing off the survivors.
The only reason I'm still alive is because I've kept everyone else away from me. If they get close, they might get me sick. Or steal my things when I sleep. Or kill me for the hell of it. So many people have gone mad.

I've killed ten people.

Flood water's high here. It's my moat. I found a boat of sorts, and I've been ferrying things to the base of the block here. Can't get it up more than a couple of floors. It's a risk leaving it there, but if I put up defenses someone might realise I'm here. So, I've just hidden them. I sleep up here though. I don't know why. It's cold, the wind's allways howling and the tarpaulin keeps thrashing about. I know I'd be safer inside, in one of the flats where there are still doors that could be locked or baricaded. But I just can't. Maybe it'd be too much, sleeping indoors then coming back outside to this nightmare. Opening the front door and looking out across a hallway that used to have a wall on the other side.
I can't let myself relax, or I'll die.

The wifi signel is wavering. I think the antenna must be going underwater, so I'll wrap up.

If anyone gets this, there's still people alive over here, just.

I'm heading for Exeter in a few days. I'll fly a blue flag, so you know not to attack me. Do the same.

Cat, you don't check LJ much at the best of times, but if you're alive and you read this, I'm coming for you. You're the only hope I've got left.

Theres fire in the neighbouring building,, Moving outt now
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